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Welcome to Masenya Attorneys

Are you looking for professional legal services, a well-informed legal advice/opinion, assistance with general corporate and commercial transactions, drafting, interpretation and vetting of contracts, Divorce and family law issues such as marriage contracts and administration of deceased estates, pension funds disputes, property transfers and other related matters?

We provide strategic and on point legal solutions, and assist in all civil disputes and litigation matters, especially the high court matters including all tax court matters – try us!

Need help with matters around Tax?

Are you frustrated by incorrect tax assessments or involved in a tax dispute(s) or tax controversy with SARS, or perhaps you are facing tax criminal charges and or imprisonment is looming due to tax contraventions with a risk of losing your hard earned assets? We provide assistance with defending all your tax rights including negotiating tax debt settlements including applications for tax debt compromise as well as lodging objections and appeals and do regular appearances in the Tax Board and Tax Court.

Some of our added value Professional Legal Services:

Divorce, Changing marriage (systems) from community of property to out of community, Evictions, Administration of Deceased Estates, Pension Fund Claims and Disputes, Employment Law, Civil Claims, Tax Litigation Training, general Legal Seminars.

Explore all our services and don’t hesitate to contact us about any of your legal queries or requirements.

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